Manufactured from directory waste paper obtained directly from publishing companies, it provides a clean, consistent, readily available supply of material that is free of contaminants.  With special equipment, the waste paper is processed into small pieces.   Virtually dust free bedding results from a vacuum system which extracts dust and tiny particles during the process. 

The bag is a compact heat-sealed plastic bag providing short term weatherproof storage capability. The bag weighs about 45 pounds which is just the right size for easy handling. 

It is highly rated in the factors to consider when choosing bedding.

  • Superior absorbency - 2 times more absorbent than straw, 4 to 6 times more absorbent than most wood shavings.  Absorbs from the bottom up, top stays dry so horses remain cleaner.

  • Very soft-provides excellent cushion and insulation on hard surfaces which encourages animals to rest. 

  • Excellent for animals in rehabilitation from injury or illness to prevent pressure sores.

  •  Provides cushion for horse's legs in horse trailers when making long trips.

  • Reduces ammonia and barn odors causing less irritation to mucous membranes of the eyes and respiratory tract - for animals and owners alike!

  • Beneficial to foals kept in stalls for extended time who run the risk of ammonia toxicity.

  • Non allergenic; great for animals with allergies and respiratory conditions.   Great for animals
    with allergic skin conditions. 


  • Free from pollens, mold and fungal spores that may be found in other bedding.

  • Non-toxic.

  • Reduces bedding costs due to ability to use less.  Bedding clumps when wet making it easy to pick up and remove soiled bedding, leaving dry bedding in place.

  • Reported reduction of fly populations.

  • Biodegradable using standard composting techniques.  The wet bedding/manure mixture may be spread on fields as an organic fertilizer.

  • Also desirable for use in vermicomposting and may be used for cover mulch and mushroom food.

Paper shavings are a great way to eliminate dust from your horse's surroundings.